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Why would coaching help me?

High performing individuals and teams excel at what they do. Not because they do it alone, but because they have the support of a coach. Allow us to help you achieve your full potential and reach the goals you strive for within your business.

Business owners who are facing challenges can often feel overwhelmed. Asking for help and support from a coach is not a sign of weakness or failure, rather it should be seen as a strength or opportunity. It shows you are taking responsibility and being accountable as the leader of your organisation.


Common business challenges are not unique, but your business is and the answers to your specific challenges lie within you and your organisation. A coach isn't there to give you the answers, a coach is there to help you discover the solutions yourself and then be there by your side along the way to implement them and beyond if needed for your next cycle of improvement.


In a structured and focused environment, you and your team can explore the possibilities and identify your way forward together by

  • Understanding what is driving you to find a different way of doing what you are currently doing

  • Understanding what you want to achieve

  • Seeing the reality of where you are right now against where you want to be

  • Exploring the possible ways forward & identifying the options

  • Deciding what you want to commit to and how you will achieve it 

As your coach we will be with you all the way to keep you on track with your goals, offering you support and guidance and holding you accountable to ensure you are delivering on the commitments you have made to yourself in order to achieve your desired results.

At The Lean Orange our approach is to work with you in a thought provoking, open and honest way to build a strong, long-lasting partnership. Our coaching is completely bespoke - created with you and for you and designed with your continual personal growth at its core.

Our coaching is available as a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions to suit you and your business.


How we work with you


One-to-one coaching is a partnership.


Sessions are balanced between theory and practical learning

in a thought-provoking, challenging and enjoyable environment that follows a structured coaching plan.


By creating an environment of collaboration, the team will accelerate its learning through the sharing of collective knowledge.


All sessions follow structured coaching plans with challenging implementation goals.

Learning by doing, not PowerPoint!


Coaching multiple teams to spread knowledge across your whole organisation

Switching the emphasis to build internal coaching capability within the organisation


All sessions would follow structured coaching plans with challenging implementation goals.


Performance & behavioural advantages

Improved performance and productivity
Improved people skills
Increased innovation and improvement
Build organisational knowledge
Greater agility and adaptability to business opportunities
Increased leadership awareness
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