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“A vision is like a dream; it will disappear if we don’t do something with it”


Transformation happens when we all understand and take collective responsibility for the improvement of our daily work by pursuing excellence in everything we do. This starts when people understand their Shared Purpose, this results in a culture with business excellence at its centre.


Excellence cannot be trained into people; it happens by collective knowledge sharing and collaboration and is supported by a safe environment that encourages people to be the best they can be. When this is underpinned by respect for every individual and humility and we engage All People, All Processes, All Places,


Improvement is hard work; it takes passionate leadership, effective managers and inspired people. This requires a growth mindset, one that is open to new ideas and experimentation; one where everyone is engaged and collaborating every day.


Ensuring we are all engaged, inspired and curious about the work we do and that This engages everyone to do things because they want to and not because they have to. Curiosity drives us to ask “why?”


The constraints and complacency encouraged by closed mindsets are then replaced by the creation of openness and intrinsic motivation. This drives us all to improve personally and collectively, becoming the best we can all be.


  • Why is a culture of business excellence important?

  • How will you inspire purposeful improvement?

  • What influence and involvement will you have going forward?


The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves but to build the perfect company together. All the time that improvement is seen as being outside of everyone’s core responsibility, or just “something else we do” then excellence will remain elusive.


At the lean orange we believe that When we don’t engage people, we get workers, when we trust people, we get leaders at all levels which supports sustainability.

Sustainable Business Excellence

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